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Chaverim of Rockland Search and Rescue Teams Save Hiker Stranded on Cliff at Palisades Alpine Lookout

On Thursday evening, Chaverim of Rockland responded to an urgent call about a hiker in distress at Alpine Lookout. The hiker, who had entered the woods for a quick hike around 6:00 PM, slipped and fell down a steep 150-foot cliff, catching himself on a tree. He tried multiple times to climb back up but was unsuccessful, prompting him to call a friend for help.

Upon receiving the call, Chaverim activated their Search and Rescue (SAR) teams. The rescue operation faced significant challenges due to the steep terrain and loose rocks. The SAR team decided that only two units should descend to the hiker while the rest stayed at a safer landing area. They used specialized equipment to aid in climbing back up.

Chaverim’s SAR team successfully rescued the hiker and brought him to safety through coordinated teamwork. The entire operation concluded with all members and the rescued hiker returning safely.

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