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Chaverim Of Rockland Introduces Innovative Camera Initiative to Boost Rockland County’s Security

In a pioneering move aimed at enhancing the safety and security of Rockland County, Chaverim has announced the launch of a new camera initiative that seeks to install CCTV cameras and License Plate Readers (LPRs) across key locations within the area. This ambitious program is designed to position surveillance devices in strategic spots to bolster local security efforts.

Chaverim is calling on the community for support in two significant ways. Firstly, property owners, educational institutions, shuls, and businesses are encouraged to participate by granting Chaverim access to their existing exterior CCTV cameras. This collaboration will allow Chaverim to utilize these cameras during emergencies, thereby extending their reach and effectiveness in safeguarding the community working hand in hand with the local police departments.

Furthermore, Chaverim invites individuals and organizations to contribute to this cause by sponsoring the installation of new cameras and LPRs. This opportunity is open to all who wish to play a part in enhancing the safety infrastructure of Rockland County.

Yossi Margeratten, the Coordinator of Chaverim of Rockland, emphasized the importance of community involvement in this initiative, stating, “By coming together to support this camera initiative, we’re not just installing equipment; we’re building a safer, more secure Rockland County for everyone. Your participation, whether by providing access to your existing cameras or by sponsoring new installations, is invaluable to our mission.”

Those interested in registering their cameras or sponsoring new installations are urged to contact Chaverim at 845-371-6334 ext. 3 or via email at

This camera initiative represents a significant step forward in Chaverim’s ongoing commitment to community safety, leveraging technology to create a safer environment for all Rockland County residents.

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