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Chaverim of Rockland Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Chaverim of Rockland marks a significant milestone this July, celebrating 25 years since its establishment in Monsey, by Rabbi Shaya Zev Erps in 1999. This grassroots organization was created to assist stranded motorists and provide support for elderly and handicapped individuals through a dedicated hotline.

Fielding over 50,000 calls annually, Chaverim of Rockland has earned the respect of both the community and local law enforcement. The organization provides a range of services, including:

Search & Rescue:
Chaverim coordinates and provides manpower for missing person searches, working hand-in-hand with local police departments. Their mobile command center, specialty equipment, and trained volunteers have been highly effective in these efforts.

Weather Emergencies:
During natural disasters, Chaverim is equipped to provide generators, assist in evacuations, and address critical lighting, heating, and cooling needs.

Emergency Roadside Assistance:
Chaverim members are adept at helping stranded travelers with issues like flat tires, mud, snow, drained batteries, or empty gas tanks.

Shabbos Safety Patrol:
Safety Patrol cars travel through local neighborhoods on Shabbos and Yom Tov to assist those in need.

Crisis Management:
First responders in many crises, Chaverim advocates and provides support for families in need.

Neighborhood Security:
Chaverim’s team responds to and investigates suspicious activities reported by locals, working with police to enhance community safety.

Lock-Outs and Item Retrieval:
Chaverim helps with lock-outs and retrieves lost or left-behind valuables.

Animal Rescue/Pest Control:
The organization assists with pest removal and relocation.

Elderly/Disabled Assistance:
Chaverim supports disabled individuals with maneuvering around their homes and community.

Community Safety Awareness and Events:
Chaverim actively raises safety awareness through events like their annual fair, which includes giveaways and demonstrations on car seat installations. They also provide lighting, security, and traffic control for community events.

CCTV Cameras:

Enhancing their capability, Chaverim has also integrated sophisticated CCTV units and trained drone units into their operations. These advanced technologies help monitor and respond to various situations more efficiently, providing an extra layer of security and support during search and rescue missions, neighborhood patrols, and emergency responses.

NightWatch Unit:

To further bolster community safety, Chaverim operates a NightWatch unit from 12:30 AM to 6:30 AM every night. This unit is dedicated to covering the many calls that come in overnight, as well as patrolling local neighborhoods to ensure the safety and security of residents during the overnight hours.

Over the years, Chaverim volunteers have frequently collaborated with Shomrim and Hatzalah organizations to support residents during severe weather events and in missing person searches. The organization’s impact extends beyond Rockland County, with over 34 Chaverim branches operating worldwide, following the same volunteer-driven emergency service model.

Run under the rabbinical guidance of Rabbi Schnebalg shlita, Chaverim of Rockland County’s mission is to assist anyone in need in a completely altruistic manner. Their team of over 180 trained volunteers and 30 dispatchers is available 24/7, ensuring that every call is handled promptly and professionally. The organization operates with 12 fleet vehicles, 8 equipment garages, a mobile command center, a drone unit command center, and handles an average of 160 calls daily.


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