Chaverim of Rockland Assist Spring Valley Police After Tire Blowout on Highway

A van belonging to the Spring Valley Police, transporting officers and youth officers who were returning from a college trip, experienced a tire blowout on the NY-17 near Exit 126, which was approximately 40 minutes away from Monsey.

The officers promptly contacted their partners at Chaverim Of Rockland, and within a mere 10 minutes, two members of the organization arrived at their location, swiftly resolving the issue and enabling them to continue their journey.

Reginald Anderson, an officer with the Spring Valley Police, expressed profound gratitude and appreciation towards the two Chaverim members, stating, “We are at a loss for words to adequately convey our sincere thanks to the remarkable individuals from Chaverim. While returning from a college trip with our YPI kids, one of our vehicles experienced a tire blowout. Chaverim responded promptly, changed our tire, and swiftly had us back on the road. Thank you once again for your truly amazing assistance.”

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