Celebrate the Future of Smart Streetlights: Town of Ramapo’s Phase 1 Completion and Phase 2 Kickoff Event

The Town of Ramapo is excited to announce the celebration of the successful completion of Phase 1 and the beginning of Phase 2 of our innovative Smart Streetlight Project. This transformative initiative aims to enhance public safety, improve energy efficiency, and foster a more sustainable community.

The event will take place on Tuesday, August 8th 10AM at the corner of West Maple Ave and Smolley Drive, and we invite all residents to join us in commemorating this significant milestone.

Phase 1 of the Smart Streetlight Project involved the swapping of our older streetlights and installation of state-of-the-art LED streetlights equipped with intelligent sensors and remote monitoring capabilities throughout various neighborhoods in Ramapo.

These energy-efficient streetlights have already begun to illuminate our streets, providing enhanced visibility and safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. “We are thrilled to witness the successful completion of Phase 1 of our Smart Streetlight Project,” said Michael Specht, Town Supervisor. “The positive impact of these modern streetlights on our community has been remarkable, and we are excited to embark on the next phase to further leverage technology for the betterment of our town.” Phase 2 of the Smart Streetlight Project will expand the deployment of these cutting-edge smart streetlights to additional areas within Ramapo. This phase will involve adding over 1500 new streetlights to areas that had limited or no lights in the past.

Local officials will be on hand at the event to share their vision for Ramapo’s ongoing infrastructure improvement projects showcasing how this initiative aligns with the town’s commitment to embracing various methods to improve pedestrian and driver safety throughout the town.

We extend our warmest invitation to all Ramapo residents, local businesses, and community partners to join us on Tuesday, August 8th 10AM at the corner of West Maple Ave and Smolley Drive as we celebrate the bright future of Smart Streetlights in our town. 

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