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Rockland Hatzolah Treats Serious Patients From Incident Involving Monsey Trail Bus In Hewitt NJ

Two passengers were airlifted after an incident involving a Monsey Trails bus, Tuesday afternoon.

Sources confirm to Monsey Scoop that a massive tree branch fell on the bus which was driving on East Shore Road in Hewitt, NJ, injuring around a dozen passengers – two of them seriously.

Hatzolah from Rockland County and Kiryas Joel both responded to assist local emergency personnel with treating the victims. Two choppers landed nearby, and airlifted two victims to Hackensack Trauma Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital

The bus was full, with around 56 passengers on board at the time of the crash. They appear to be girls from a Brooklyn Yeshiva on a class trip.

Please say Tehillim for Sara bas Rita and Simcha bas Neima.

Sources tell Monsey Scoop that there was a massive storm and tornado in this area last week, leaving many tree limbs not secure.

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