BREAKING: New Hatzolah Garage Approved by Airmont Planning Board on Cherry Lane

In a huge boost to Hatzolah, the Airmont Village Planning Board has greenlit the construction of a brand new facility for the organization on Cherry Lane.

The newly proposed facility, set to be located at 275 Cherry Lane, will replace an existing single-family home. The design includes a two-story building featuring three garage bays for ambulances. Additionally, the facility will house an accessory office and designated areas for storage and staging. Although there will be nine parking spaces on-site, it’s anticipated they won’t frequently be in use.

Currently, Hatzolah parks an ambulance at the nearby UTA Satmar Girls School facility. In case of emergencies, EMTs drive to the UTA location, leave their cars, and then head to the call’s site. It is notable that the ambulance always traverses Cherry Lane, irrespective of its final destination. Impressively, in the two years that the vehicle has been stationed at UTA, no incidents between the ambulance and other vehicles on Cherry Lane have been reported.

Data collected over the past year reveals insights into the frequency and timings of calls. Of the total calls, 75% (or 207 calls) required an ambulance dispatch. Sundays saw the highest call volume with 57 calls, whereas the period between 6 pm to 8 pm, often coinciding with dinner hours, marked the peak call time. Interestingly, most calls took place outside conventional peak hours.

Based on the call volume and patterns, several conclusions were drawn:

1. The new ambulance facility will undeniably enhance the response time, offering a significant advantage to the Airmont community.
2. On average, there will be one or fewer trips daily, as indicated by the provided call data.
3. The site layout is designed to comfortably accommodate ambulances, even allowing for backing into the garage bay.
4. Crucially, the establishment of this facility is not anticipated to impact the traffic flow or cause delays at the village’s intersections.

This project represents a strategic step in bolstering the emergency response capabilities in Airmont. The community can look forward to swifter and more efficient service once the facility is operational.

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