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BREAKING IN AIRMONT: Serious Truck Accident On North Airmont Road {UPDATED 7:40AM}

7:40AM UPDATE : The two individuals trapped in the serious truck accident on North Airmont Road have been successfully extricated. They have been transported to Hackensack Medical Center by Spring Hill EMS and Willam P. Faist EMS, with paramedics on board. Currently, North Airmont Road and the Thruway North entrance are closed. Please plan for alternative routes.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A serious motor vehicle accident involving two trucks has occurred on North Airmont Road, leaving two individuals trapped inside the vehicles. The Tallman and Monsey Fire Departments are currently engaged in extrication efforts to rescue the pinned occupants.

Emergency response teams from the Ramapo Police, Hatzolah EMS, Faist EMS, Spring Hill EMS, and Chaverim of Rockland are on the scene providing assistance. A medevac was requested to transport the injured, but it has been declined due to adverse weather conditions.

Authorities are working diligently to manage the situation, and further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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