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BLAME THE JEW: Non-Jewish Driver Hits Non-Jewish Pedestrian; Antisemites Still Blame The Jews

In an incident that has peeled back the plausible deniability of many antisemites on social media, the news that a teen pedestrian was struck by a driver on Wednesday turned into a hate-fest on social media.

As earlier reported on Monsey Scoop, the teenager – who isn’t Jewish – was struck and pinned under a vehicle being driven by a non-Jewish driver on Route 59 between South Cole Avenue and West Street.

Along with other emergency personnel, Chaverim of Rockland responded to the scene and jacked the car up, allowing paramedics to reach the patient. Hatzolah of Rockland then transported the teen to the hospital.

What happened is obvious: Jews came to the assistance of non-Jews who were involved in an accident, no questions asked.

It didn’t matter to the antisemites on Facebook.

Reporter Blaise Gomez posted the story on her Facebook page, and immediately the usual antisemites came crawling out.

“They are too busy with their welfare scams, tax scams and burning down their own houses to get insurance money. No time to watch their kids,” one commenter wrote.

“Because the rules and laws don’t apply to them,” another opined. “They do what they want with rarely any consequences and just disregard everything.”

The comments go on, some of which can be seen below.

So, despite the only involvement of Jews in this matter having been positive, some people just can’t keep themselves from hating. For shame.

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