Bear Mountain State Park Reopens Amidst Ongoing Recovery

Following the recent storm that left a trail of damage, Bear Mountain State Park is making steady strides towards recovery. The park, once battered by the elements, has partially reopened, signaling its resilience and determination to bounce back.

Park Manager Jen Sylvestri shared positive news about the park’s progress. The main field, the popular picnic spot, and the serene pathway encircling Hessian Lake are now accessible to visitors, offering a glimpse of the park’s natural beauty once again.

However, some areas remain closed as restoration work continues. Parking lots, the iconic carousel, specific trails, the Bear Mountain Inn, and the cherished zoo are still off-limits, pending further assessment and rehabilitation.

To stay updated on accessible sections, park staff advise checking the dedicated Bear Mountain State Park page on the official state website. This resource provides real-time information about open and closed areas, ensuring a smooth visit during the ongoing recovery process.

Joshua Laird, Executive Director of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, overseeing the park’s management, emphasized safety as a top priority during the reopening. Laird expressed his excitement about welcoming visitors back, underlining the careful and calculated approach taken to ensure a secure environment.

Laird also highlighted an improvement for park-goers—a new water tank is now available, offering fresh drinking water. As the existing water supply undergoes sterilization for hygiene, the park aims to secure health department approval for the new water source in the coming week.


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