BDE: Petira Of Hayaldah Yenta Taub A”H; Great-Granddaughter Of Viznitz Monsey Rebbe

Monsey Scoop regrets to inform you of the Petira of Yenta Taub A”H, who was just two years old. She was not well for the past few weeks.

The Niftar was a great-granddaughter of the Viznitzer Rebbe of Monsey. Her father is Reb Mendel, son in law of Reb Moshe Hager, the son of the Viznitzer Rebbe.

In a sad twist, she is also a Einikle of the Shatzer Rebbe of Williamsburg Z”L, whose Levaya took place today, as was reported earlier on Monsey Scoop.

Sources tell Monsey Scoop that the Viznitzer Rebbe is currently in California, and just boarded a flight to attend the Levaya.

The Levaya will take place early Wednesday morning at approximately 2:00AM at the Viznitzer Shul, 25 Phyllis Terrace in Monsey.

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