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Avoyseinu Collaborates with Congressman Mike Lawler to Address Challenges in European Cemetery Preservation

Avoyseinu, a non-profit organization committed to the preservation of cemeteries across Europe, recently highlighted the challenges they face in Poland during a crucial meeting with Congressman Mike Lawler.

For many American families, these cemeteries hold a profound significance, housing the graves of relatives buried over the centuries. Avoyseinu has been at the forefront of efforts to maintain these historic resting places by cleaning up the surroundings, installing protective fences, and restoring traditional matzevahs.

However, recent issues in Poland have posed a challenge to the organization’s commendable work. Seeking assistance and support, Avoyseinu representatives approached Congressman Lawler, a key figure on the influential Foreign Affairs Committee. The meeting, held at his offices in Washington D.C., was fruitful as the Congressman pledged his full support.

Expressing his concern over the situation, Congressman Lawler stated, “It’s vital that we honor and maintain the final resting places of those who came before us. I’m committed to doing everything in my capacity to aid Avoyseinu in their noble endeavor.”

With the backing of such an influential member of the Congress, Avoyseinu is optimistic about finding sustainable solutions to its challenges in Poland and continuing its essential preservation efforts across Europe.

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