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“ASTOUNDING:” Rep. Lawler Blasts NY Board of Regents For Ignoring Antisemitism On College Campuses

Rep. Mike Lawler (NY-17) ripped into the New York Board of Regents for not placing the issue of antisemitism on their agenda for their meeting on Tuesday.

“It is astounding to me that the New York Board of Regents did not have anything on the agenda for their meeting today regarding the very serious and disturbing issue of antisemitism at our SUNY schools,” Lawler said in a statement.

“Antisemitic attacks against students have been on the rise, and many Jewish students have reported that they do not feel safe on their own campuses,” Lawler added. “The New York Board of Regents must take this issue seriously and make it a higher priority.”

Lawler’s critique of the Board of Regents comes as college campuses in New York and across the country are being rocked by pro-Palestinian protestors who have been often veering into outright antisemitism.

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