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ARRESTS MADE: Ramapo Police Begin Enforcement Of New Taxi Law

The Ramapo Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) began enforcing the newly instituted Town of Ramapo Taxicab Law, leading to the arrest of two individuals charged under Local Ordinance 255-4. These cases are set to be adjudicated in the Town of Ramapo Justice Court.

The new regulation mandates that all taxi operators intending to pick up passengers within the town’s limits must possess valid Ramapo Taxi Stickers. The police department’s post emphasized the importance of compliance with the new law, urging taxi operators who have yet to initiate the application process for the stickers to contact the Town of Ramapo Taxi Commission directly at (845) 357-5100, extension 440, or via email at

Further highlighting their commitment to traffic safety, the Ramapo Police Department shared that its officers, not limited to those assigned to the TSU, carry out both general and directed traffic enforcement activities daily. Their diligent efforts over the past weekend revealed that eight drivers were operating vehicles with suspended licenses. These individuals were immediately arrested and processed for their violations.

The police department’s message concluded with a call to action for the community, emphasizing the collective responsibility to ensure the safety of Ramapo’s roads. Through hashtags like #RamapoSafety, #CommunityFirst, #TrafficEnforcement, and #StaySafeRamapo, the department reinforced its commitment to maintaining public safety and encouraged residents to support their efforts.


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