APPALLING: Israeli Flag Stolen Again From Ramapo Town Hall

The Israeli flag was stolen from the front of Ramapo Town Hall, which had been displayed since October 12th.

The flag was originally raised by Ramapo officials to express unity with Israel following the bloody October 7 massacre in southern Israel by Hamas terrorists and the abduction of 240 additional victims, 130 of whom are still being held hostage.

The despicable theft occurred around 11:20 PM Sunday night, and Ramapo police are currently investigating, reviewing video surveillance footage to identify the culprits.

In response to the theft, Supervisor Michael Specht released the following brief statement to Monsey Scoop:

“Our police are actively investigating. We will not be intimidated or deterred by this theft and today we placed a new Israeli flag on a flagpole on the front lawn of Town Hall.”

This incident marks the second theft of the Israeli flag from the town hall, with the previous occurrence leading to the arrest of two Neturei Karta psychos, as previously reported by Monsey Scoop.

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