Active Shooter Drill Conducted at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern {PHOTOS}

On Thursday, Good Samaritan Hospital transformed into a hub of advanced training as various police departments convened to carry out an Active Shooter drill. Aimed at sharpening emergency response skills, the drill plunged participants into a series of scenarios, simulating a real-world crisis environment.

The exercise witnessed collaboration from police officers hailing from all over Rockland County, and even from the Mahwah NJ Police Department. Through numerous training modules, the officers and hospital staff honed critical skills essential for managing emergencies, with an emphasis on inter-departmental cooperation.

“While we tirelessly train and refine our capabilities, it remains our deepest wish that such skills never find application in real life,” stated a representative from the training.

Gratitude was extended to Good Samaritan Hospital for their outstanding hosting of the drill. Special acknowledgments were also directed towards Sgt. Rob Bassett of the Ramapo Police Department and Retired Admin Sgt. Tom Koziak from the Rockland County Police Academy staff, both pivotal figures in ensuring the drill’s success.

Participating police departments included:

  • Town of Ramapo Police Department
  • Spring Valley Police Department
  • Stony Point Police Department
  • Haverstraw Police Department
  • Orangetown Police Department
  • Piermont Police Department
  • Mahwah NJ Police Department
  • Rockland County Sheriff’s Office

In addition, personnel from the Rockland County Police Academy and Good Samaritan Hospital also played significant roles during the exercise.

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